RIP Kapil Mohan, founder of world favorite Old Monk Rum dies at 88

Old Monk
Old Monk

RIP Kapil Mohan, the man who founded the iconic Old Monk rum which was a favorite not just in India but the world.

As per reports, founder of the legendary Old Monk rum, Brigadier Kapil Mohan has passed away at the age of 88 which is attributed to a fatal cardiac arrest. Mohan took over Mohan Meakin, the distillery from his father, N N Mohan in the mid 90s. Under his leadership, the company diversified, opening three distilleries across the country, two breweries and several other franchises. It makes and bottles ‘Old Monk’, among other liquors and non-alcoholic products. A favorite among rum drinkers around the world, Old Monk is a classic and all time must-order drink. In a crowded world of liquors vying for money and status symbol, Old Monk maintained its quality and standards for its appreciators world wide. It was, for many years, the biggest Indian Made Foreign Liquor brand as well.

Mohan had been ill for a long time and died as a result of cardiac arrest in Ghaziabad. He had launched the Old Monk rum brand on December 19, 1954 and had received the Padma Shri award in 2010, the fourth highest Indian civilian award — in 2010 by the Government of India under the trade and industry category. Mohan Meakin claims to have a turnover of over Rs 400 crore.

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