Shopaholics alert! Retail therapy ideas that don’t cost you a bomb!

retail therapy

Your indulgence shouldn’t mean being stuck in an infinite loop of unpaid bills and debts. Retail therapy is supposed to make you feel happy and if it is resulting in you being all anxious and jittery in the month end, it kind of defeats the purpose, isn’t it?

So that your retail therapy doesn’t result in crushing futility and bankruptcy, here are 5-things that you can buy and be happy!

1) Flowers

The happiness index of a fresh bunch of blooms is much higher than any designer label. Numerous scientists have proved that flowers have mood-improving capabilities and can instantly lift your spirits. So, why not order flowers online for yourself? Besides, you don’t really need a reason to gift flowers! Do it just because you want to feel happy…! Having a bad day at work? Get yourself a fresh flower bouquet delivered to pep up your workspace! In a nutshell, flowers are all you need!

2) Books

You don’t need to pay a fortune but they can be the treasure trove of unlimited knowledge. Whether you like fiction or non-fiction, they can distract you for good and improve your self-worth in front of others when you have a chance to use that knowledge- just what a retail therapy is meant for!

3) Pet a dog

Keeping a dog can be a laborious and costly affair but hey, visiting a dog crèche isn’t! You can go there and have a fun-filled day with the most beautiful creatures walking on this planet! An identification and a few hundred bucks are all you need to indulge yourself in the most selfless and unconditional love!

4) Sarees

What’s the point of buying apparels, you say? Your LBDs or pumps aren’t going to be of any use for your mother or grandma! A saree, however, is forever and for every woman. It never goes out of style. In fact, its charm and grandeur increase with time. The older it is, the more vintage and prized possession it seems to be. You can also order soft silk pattu sarees to your loved ones, which means while indulging in retail therapy you can win the hearts that matter!

5) A fitness class membership

After all, you can’t wear all those dresses if they don’t come in your size! This is why you need to get yourself a subscription to a fitness class. Be it Zumba or yoga, take your fitness on a day to day basis. If you have an erratic schedule, take a class to class membership when you pay for each class. So, next time when you have the urge to shell some money and feel good, you know there is no better option than a fitness class!

These new-age retail therapy ideas are here to give you the best of your obsession and indulgence! You don’t have to break your bank to feel good about yourself. Try these ideas and never feel sad about your financial situation at the month-end!

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