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One problem that has been pestering the citizens all over the country is that of corruption. The government workers, especially, are the ones who make the news for indulging in this act. There have been many complaints piling up over the officials who charge bribe for doing their duties.

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The district of Visakhapatnam also has its fair share of problems in this regard. However, much to the relief of the people in Visakhapatnam, Joint Collector Dr. G Srujana has brought in a praiseworthy move. While addressing the press gathering on Thursday,  Dr. Srujana said “The government pays decent salaries to the government officials depending on their post. Charging additional bribes from the people to serve them is unfair on the officials’ part. From now on, the people can immediately report such people directly to me. A WhatsApp number of 91000 65875 has been specially catered to this job. The victims may record a video of the official indulging in corruption and can send it to the given number. Also, there is a toll-free number 1800-4250-0002, along with the government’s 1100, to report the incidents.”

The Joint Collector also mentioned of an incident that took place in Anakapalle on Wednesday. She informed that an officer in the RDO office extracted a bribe of Rs 1.50 lakhs by mentioning her name. Dr. Srujana came to know about the incident through a WhatsApp video that was sent to her. After thoroughly investigating the incident, the officials have taken action against the culprit. The Joint Collector even registered another case on the guilty for misusing her name.

This move is receiving a positive response from the public in the hope that the government officials will now think twice before asking them for a bribe.

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