Rappelling and Zummering in Vizag: Get ready for adrenaline rushes


For the nature enthusiasts and lover of outdoors, there are two more fun activities that come calling. Say hello to Rappelling and Zummering, which can be made possible in Visakhapatnam with the club.


The hilly terrains of the Eastern ghats have some ideal spots for this fun and endurance activity, that involves going down the hill with the help of a rope. To indulge in this adventure, you need to be at a certain height and select the right kind of rock which will endure your weight while you go down. Notch the adventure up to the next level with water rappelling that involves coming down a hill at a waterfall.

Where: The Katiki waterfalls are the best spot in the Eastern ghats for water rappelling, while Damuku and Galikonda are tried and tested for rappelling in general.


There are many ways of going up a hill, and zummering comes recommended by adventure enthusiasts who love to try something new. The climbing technique of zummering involves propelling oneself atop a cliff with the help of ropes and gear meant for the purpose. With a new fun approach, the sport not just tests your skill and endurance, but also gives you vantage views of some of the most beautiful places in the Eastern Ghats.

Where: Galikonda is an ideal zummering destination, and definitely needs to be checked out.
Plan your camping, rappeling and zummering trips with the DARE group. Contact Sridhar at 9000812348.

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