Rajkot man booked for pushing off his ailing mother off the terrace

Rajkot man kills his mother
Screenshot from the CCTV footage

In a shocking and the most inhumane news that has come to light, Sandip Nathwani, a Rajkot professor, murdered his ailing mother by pushing her off the terrace. It has been reported that the man was sick of taking care of his mother and hence resorted to the gruesome step in September 2017.

The incident took place in the Darshan Avenue building in Rajkot, Gujarat. 64-year-old Jaishree Ben Nathwani, who was suffering from a brain hemorrhage, lived along with her son, daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren.

The case, which was being treated as a suicide case until recently, took a turn when the police received a letter which claimed that the cause of the woman’s death was murder and not suicide.

The police started reinvestigating the case and looked into the CCTV footage of the building which revealed some shocking facts. The video footage has shown that Sandip forcibly took his mother to the terrace and returned downstairs wearing his mother’s slippers.

Rajkot City Commissioner Anupam Singh Gehlot said, “We seized the hard drive of the CCTV footage and collected the footage from other sources. We came to the conclusion the victim was almost immobile and could not have jumped over a three-foot parapet.”

As per the reports, the man was found guilty by the police and said that he committed the heinous crime as he was tired of taking care of his ailing mother. “We questioned the professor in December and he confessed to his crime. He said his mother had been almost immobile due to illness and this led to fights with his sister. In order to get rid of her, he pushed her off the terrace”, Gehlot said.

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