4 issues in Vizag that continue to bother the citizens

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Scenic and serene, Vizag came as one of the choicest destinations in South India for many years. However, the past few years have witnessed drastic changes in the city that might have put a little dent into its renowned image of glory. Big reasons for worry for the citizens here, these are 4 problems that continue to increasingly reported in Vizag.

#1 Road Accidents

Despite efforts from authorities of the traffic department, road safety continues to be far from what is intended in Vizag. The last few months have seen too many accidents mess up the roads in the city and district, claiming numerous lives.

#2 Pollution

A mix of toxic gases and particulate matter enters our system every time we breathe. While the primary culprits that adversely impact our health are high levels of nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and ozone suspended in the air, the industrial area in the city adds to the pollution worries of the residents in Vizag.

#3 Traffic Woes

If the current trends of traffic in Vizag are anything to go by, the citizens seem to be in for some tough times ahead. While the upward trend of vehicle sales might be a reason for the issue, experts also cite improper regulatory systems as a prime cause. Recently, it was even reported that the traffic at NAD junction came to a stand-still for about two hours on Monday morning, leading to an increased frustration among the travellers and riders.

#4 Robberies

One of the concerning problems in the city is that of robberies. From chain-snatching incidents to burglaries, multiple reports in recent times have caused some serious concerns on safety in the city. Different areas in the city have been targetted by the wrongdoers to set panic among the residential areas here.

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