Vehicular traffic chokes big time at NAD junction in Visakhapatnam

Traffic jam at NAD junction in Vizag
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The Monday blues seemed to peak a new high when the NAD junction in Visakhapatnam was choked with high-density vehicular traffic.

The vehicles, which were cramped up in the area from 8 am to 10 am, for about two long hours. gave a torrid time to the travellers and pedestrians at the locality.

With the congestion at the NAD junction blocking traffic flow from all the directions, vehicles moving along different routes, via the junction, went through a punishing drive on Monday morning.

The travellers, who took close to half an hour to cross the signal, also had to resort to alternate routes to avoid the jam-packed roads at the junction. The traffic in the area also affected the bypass road connecting Gopalapatnam to the National Highway.

Reportedly, the situation was caused due to the increased number of barricades placed on the road, as part of the construction of the NAD flyover. While some citizens urged the officials to find alternative ways to ease the traffic whilst the construction of the NAD flyover, others also complained that the traffic signals in the area malfuctioned, accentuating the mess on Monday.

The works for Visakhapatnam’s much-awaited NAD flyover were commenced in April this year. The project is being handled by M/s. Vijay Nirman Company Private Ltd.

The NAD junction is one of the prime centres in the city and faces traffic related issues throughout the day. A busy junction, which is a part of the National Highway, that is well connected to the airport and other prominent locales in the city, this place requires better management of the traffic congestion and the upcoming NAD flyover has been deemed to do the same.

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