1026 Preschools to be opened. Aanganwadis to be replaced.


The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Shri Chandrababu Naidu has decided that preschool will soon replace Aanganwadis. It is a bold and historic move. Adopting the policy he has expressed optimism regarding the new system.It is to work out a better plan for education in the future for the state. 1026 preschools are slated to be opened in urban areas. These preschools will replace the 3128 Aanganwadis. About 90,000 children are expected to access the education here.

The preschool is planned to come up in the many vacant government and abandoned municipal buildings. In places where alternative space solutions are not found, renting will be explored. Private building will be taken on rent to house the preschools. In all 803 buildings have been identified so far.


  • Formal status to the education system in this domain.
  • Municipal Administration and Women and Child Welfare departments are designated the responsibility of the preschools.
  • Rupees 2.40 Lakhs is the amount spent to convert one Aanganwadi into a preschool.
  • English will be the medium of instruction and teachers will be given special training for the same.
  • Furniture, television, LED screens etc to be arranged.
  • Textbooks will be supplied to the schools by the government.

CM Naidu has already held a video conference with the teachers of Aanganwadis across the state. The information regarding the transition that is to take place has already been discussed. The modalities and operational aspects are under discussion.

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