Power Outages Causing Genuine Distress in Visakhapatnam

Power Outage
Power Outage Causing Distress Vizag

Everybody is familiar with the words ‘Power Cut’. Most of us have come across such power outage in our life where we were forced to sweat the whole day. It is a common obstacle that most of us face during summer.  A power failure could be a short term or a long term loss of the electric power in a particular area.

Power cuts are usually disturbing as they put a pause in our daily work, leaving people frustrated and cursing the electricity board. Sometimes it’s the lack of resources that can lead to power outage too.

The state government has claimed that there are no official power cuts as of now and no such disturbances would take place further. On 18 May 2017 there was a power outage that left the citizens of Vizag mad. But this action took place due to a technical snag at the AP TRANSCO sub-station. But unfortunately, there are some places in Visakhapatnam that are suffering from power fluctuations and unscheduled power cuts too.

In places like Old Post Office, Dabagardens and Prahallada Puram (Simhachalam), the power cuts take place in the afternoon from 12 PM to 3 PM while sometimes it’s in the middle of the night between 2 AM and 4 AM,- disturbing people in their sleep. Areas like Visalakshi Nagar, CBM Compound and Kirlampudi layout have power fluctuations happening now and then. So we asked Vizagites to let us know about their power woes.

It is really difficult to stay without power, especially during summer. Sometimes the power cut takes place during afternoons and during nights too. Being sweaty during summers is really frustrating. I feel that the general resources should be used judiciously in order to avoid such problems in future.

Hema Malini,


Power cut that goes on for two hours is really distressing. We faced a lot of trouble in our area last week. It puts a break to our planned activities and spoils our pre-planned schedule. Simultaneously the voltage breakdown is equally annoying. Getting sweaty in summers is really uncomfortable.

G Lakshmi,

One Town Area

We have had power cuts the last two to three days for three hours at a stretch. We often face this trouble during our lunch hour or late nights. Spending sleepless nights makes us more restless and tired. We often require more electricity during summers as the temperature is rising day by day. The government should come up with some solutions for the same.

Rajesh Kumar,

Dabagardens, Allipuram

It is just impossible to live without lights and fans for two to three hours at a stretch, it becomes really uncomfortable. It’s a huge distraction and disturbance especially while you are studying or working on something important.

Anurag Singh,


Power cuts have become a genuine problem in our locality. Last week, the unscheduled power cuts had disturbed us a lot. This makes us feel horrible and very stressful. It’s not possible to take a quick nap in the afternoon and sometimes the situation becomes more pathetic during midnights.



Power cuts are indeed annoying, so do let us know your power woes too!

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