Policemen fined for driving without helmets in Visakhapatnam

Policemen booked for violating helmet rules in Vizag
Traffic Police impose fine of pillion riders not wearing helmet

A unique special drive was taken up by the traffic police in Visakhapatnam which involved booking cases against 53 policemen who were caught driving without wearing helmets on May 16th and 17th.

The 53 policemen included home-guards and constables who were driving in uniform but not wearing the helmets. Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (traffic), M Ramesh Kumar, said that cases were booked and fines were imposed against those who were caught in the drive.

The city police have been adopting several measures in trying to increase the road safety awareness among the citizens. In addition to imposing fines and charging penalties for breaking the rules, the authorities have also tried to implement several innovative strategies to enhance the road safety in the city.

The “No Helmet, No Petrol” rule, which was brought into action in Visakhapatnam last year, made it compulsory to wear a helmet for the riders of two-wheelers if they had to avail petrol at the fuel stations.

Credits: The Hindu

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