Photo Walk to Capture the Essence of Old Town Heritage

Photo Walk
Photographers Heritage Walk Vizag

A group of 15 photographers went on a heritage photo walk through the city yesterday morning. The walk was in a bid to capture the essence of the Old Town in the city, with the photographs put on display at an exhibition on a later date.

The exhibition and photo walk are in an effort to make the citizens aware of the beauty and significance of the old structures that were photographed. The 15 photographers consisted of students from the Department of Photography, Andhra University and members of Vizag Photowalkers club.

The four-hour photo walk that was organised by INTACH member Jayshree Hatangadi commenced from Town Hall and went along the lanes to the Kurupam Market Structure, European Cemetery, Victoria Pavilion, St John’s Church, Dargah, Abu Sarang Street, St Aloysius School, Queen Mary’s School and Lavender Canal.

Most of the buildings on the walk date back to the 19th and 20th century, with a few that are even older. Jayashree Hatangadi told TOI, “Every picture tells a story and every story has to be captured through the lens. This was the motto behind today’s photography session. In order to get the perfect light on the buildings, the photographers will come at various time for the next three-four days and click pictures of the heritage buildings. The best ones would be showcased in the exhibition.”

She explained the architectural and historical significance of the heritage buildings so the photographers understand and capture the essence of what they’re shooting. Faculty of AU Photography Department and member of both INTACH and Vizag Photowalkers reportedly called the heritage photoshoot a ‘beautiful learning experience’.

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