Three-decades-old luggage rule to be implemented by Indian Railways

indian railways

Not just the ones who are travelling by plane, those who travel by trains would also be fined if caught with excess baggage. The Indian Railways has decided to take stringent action by enforcing it’s three-decades-old baggage allowance rules.

“The passengers of the train will be paying up to 6 times the stipulated amount of the penalty if caught with unpaid excess luggage”, said an official of the Indian Railways. Generally, a sleeper class and a second class passenger can only carry luggage weighing 40 kg and 50 kg respectively. An extra payment will allow the passenger to carry 40 kgs extra.

Unlike in the airports, the railway officials will conduct random checks among passengers in the train.

For instance, if a passenger is travelling 500 km with luggage weighing 80 kg in the sleeper class, the extra 40kgs he is carrying can be booked for can be booked for Rs 109 in the luggage van.

However, if he is caught travelling with extra luggage without booking, Rs 650 would be penalized.

Director of Railway board Information and Publicity, said, “The move is to ensure passenger convenience and address the issue of cramped compartments.”

Also, the railway will ensure that trunks, suitcases and boxes to be exactly of the specified dimensions, 100cm x 60cm x 25 cm.

If any of the luggage exceeds the mentioned dimensions, they have to be booked and carried in the luggage van, Prakash said.

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