NRDC to conduct patent search workshop in Visakhapatnam

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Dr Hanumanthu Purushotham, Chairman & MD of National Research Development Corporation (NRDC), informed that NRDC, in partnership with World Intellectual Property Organisation, Geneva, CIPAM of DIPP, Ministry of Commerce & Industry Govt of India and Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society, are jointly organising a two day national training workshop in Visakhapatnam on patent searching using state of the art search tools and databases.

Patent searching is necessary before starting any research activity to know the patents on similar innovation is already filed across the globe or not. Without doing a search, if the researcher/Scientist undertakes research and claimed to be invented something new, it may not be actually new. Without knowing the status and novelty of the existing patent, if the researcher files a patent, it would be rejected on the ground that similar kind already exists. If this happens all the time, money, resources spent on the invention goes to waste.

Therefore knowing how to conduct a search before undertaking research, before filing a patent and launching the innovative product in the market is essential. Sometimes unknowingly also you might be infringing on someone’s rights. If you are infringing someone else patents and produce the market patented products, courts may impose huge penalties and order to close the production unit. If you do a patent search you will be saved from these litigations and costs. To train researchers/Start-ups on patent searching this unique national training workshop is being organised.

It is expected about 100 delegates would be attending the training workshop from all the 15 State Universities and Startup Promoters. The faculty for the training program would be coming from WIPO Geneva. Interested researchers and Start-ups who would like to attend may send their request to or registered through online, website , to receive the confirmation of registration to participate.

The National Training Workshop on Patent Search would be organised at APIS Hill No.3 Rushikonda in Visakhapatnam on July 5 and 6, 2018.

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