The mysterious death of 11 family members in Delhi

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11 family members were found dead in a mysterious way at the Delhi Burari house. The handwritten notes found at the house held a set of instructions on how to “attain salvation” by carrying out such death act. The police suspect that the cause of the mysterious death might be spiritual beliefs.

Here is what the handwritten notes say

Everyone performing the act should be blindfolded. One should not be able to see anything except zero. Use a cotton stole or saree along with the rope. The lights should be kept dim. ‘Bebe’ (grandmother) can lie down in the other room as she cannot stand. Thinking of everyone should be alike and firm. The act should be carried out between midnight and 1 am. ‘Have to meet God on June 30’ says a note written on June 26.

10 of the family members were found hanging from an iron mesh including two 15-year-old children. The 77-year-old woman was found lying on the floor in another room.

While the women and children were found hanging with their hands tied, blindfolded and mouths taped. The male bodies were found hanging with eyes covered by a cloth. Delhi Police are suspecting the possibility of poisioning before the bodies were hanged.

The mysterious death coming into light

The news came into light when a neighbour noticed a package lying unattended at the deceased house. As the door was open, he went upstairs and found the family members hanging.

“I informed the neighbours. In the meantime, I searched for Narayan Aunty, who was found dead in the adjacent room. At 7.30 am, a call to the police control room was made and the crime team reached the spot,” the neighbour said.

Post martem report suggests that the cause of death is due to ligature hanging with no signs of struggle. Also, each family member has donated their eyes.

Credits: India Today

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