Open Letter – I moved to Hyderabad only to realise that Vizag is and always be my first love

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Just to make my point clear, let’s start by telling you people that I have grown up in Vizag and this city is more than just a ‘home town’ for me. I recently shifted to Hyderabad after spending several growing years of my life in Visakhapatnam to work for an MNC and to be frank, I find Vizag better than Hyderabad.

Visakhapatnam is spectacular but that’s not the reason I love it the most. I love it because since no other word will do justice, it is – HOME. You know what they say – Take the girl out of city, but can’t take the city out of the girl. This is exactly what it is.

Hyderabad ofcourse is welcoming and comfortable but I miss the essence of Vizag in my life. I miss my walks on the beach, smelling the salt in the air, spending time at YMCA and heading home while munching on ‘muri mixture’.

I miss spending time at PCC and then heading straight to IT SEZ to enjoy my maggi. And even though Hyderabad is known for its amazing Biryani, I miss those Biryani packets my dad brought me from Alpha (sorry if you think if this is too much but I can’t help it).

I’m no strange to Vizag’s enormous heat, the lack of new eateries, the quarrelling auto drivers or the sultry air but shifting to Hyderabad made me realise that my heart will always be in Vizag. I mean, after a hectic day in office, all I want is a place to chill with friends and getting stuck in traffic is not bearable after you have spent hours of working in front of a screen.

Hyderabad offers many new places to chill, a great night life, authentic ‘Mexican’ eateries {coz they are my favorite}, hippie coffee shops and much more but I would give up everything just to get the hills and the beach in my city.

I feel home sick every now and then but I do not have the luxury to spend the rest of my life in Vizag. I am really grateful of Yo! Vizag as they have always kept me updated about my city. I wish I could spend more and more time in Vizag and enjoy every little thing that the city has to offer.

So, no hard feelings, Hyderabad – we have an amazing on and off affair but Vizag will always be my first love.

Shradhanjali Prasad

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