Man orders OnePlus 5T online, gets 3 Nirma soap bars parceled in the order

Amazon, OnePlus 5T
Image posted by the customer

Another bizarre experience of online shopping surfaced recently. A customer, who ordered a OnePlus 5T phone on Amazon, had received 3 Nirma soap bars in the parcel. The customer, on the receiving end, was Avneesh Edrick Rai of New Delhi.

Avneesh took a photo of the parcel received and posted the same on the Facebook page of Amazon India.

Avneesh Edrick Rai

Ordered a One Plus 5t from your prestigious website and got 3 cakes of Nirma bar

The customer’s post read, “Ordered a One Plus 5t from your prestigious website and got 3 cakes of Nirma bar.”

An article on Being Indian reported that the customer had placed the order on November 21st. It has also been reported that three pink soap bars were packed in a way that they fit into the box perfectly. One of them was without a wrapper.

Avneesh informed Being Indian that he was asked to upload his Aadhar Card before accepting his formal complaint. Amazon claimed that this will help them resolve the issue faster.

As a matter of fact, Amazon isn’t the only e-commerce giant that has disappointed the customers with such incidents. Earlier this year, a customer complained of receiving dish wash soap bars from Flipkart after ordering a phone online. Another customer complained of being sent a couple of stones instead of receiving the item ordered.

This incident, however, has irked many customers and the sending three pink coloured soap bars for a OnePlus 5T of nearly Rs. 35,000 is not justified on any planet!

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