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indian army
indian army

How thankful do we need to be to the army heroes at our country’s borders? Thanks to their sacrifices, we are able to enjoy a peaceful sleep at night. They safeguard us by keeping their lives at stake. No matter what the climate is or how strong the opponent is, our armies are always up for the task.

Have you ever felt that you owe them something? Did you feel even you need to contribute to safeguarding our beloved nation? Well, many of us do feel so. Luckily, we are now presented with an opportunity to contribute something towards the army.

The details of this initiative towards the army

Rajendar K Gupta, a resident of Indore in Madhya Pradesh, was struck with a novel thought. He felt that if each of our country’s 130 crore people contributes one rupee, there would be an assimilated fund of 130 crore rupees that could be used for Army welfare.

He wrote a letter to Prime minister Narendra Modi expressing the same. Modi liked this idea and has gone forward and implemented it. Modi, along with other higher officials, decided to open a bank account in the name ‘Army Welfare and battle casualty’. This account will be used to collect funds from people and subsequently, use them for army welfare.

On an estimated basis, consider that each of us contributes one rupee daily towards this fund. So, this would mean a fund of 130 crores would be collected per day. If continued, this would result in a massive sum of 47,000 crores collected in a year. This amount can do a huge deal in not only ensuring the welfare of the army and their families but also can be used to upgrade our weapons and defense technologies.

In fact, each citizen can contribute an amount of their choice towards this fund. In fact, actor Akshay Kumar has contributed an amount of 80 lakhs.

Also, many former defense men have welcomed this decision. They feel that this will help a great deal in advancing our defense.

As a matter of fact, India has the 4th largest army in the world. The three largest armies are that of USA, Russia, and China respectively. Let’s hope this initiative will prove to be a major boost to our border security.

How to contribute?

To contribute cash, you can deposit in the following account-

Army Welfare Fund Battle Casualties, Syndicate Bank, Account No: 90552010165915, South Block, New Delhi-11011, Branch Code: 9055, IFSC code: SYNB0009055

You can send a DD to the following address-

Army Welfare Fund Battle Casualties, Adjutant General’s Branch, Ceremonial & WElfare Directorate (Accounts section), Room No 281-B, South Block, IHQ of MOD (Army), New Delhi-110011

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