Enforcement Directorate Raids Forex Firm For Money Exchange

money exchange
Black Money In India

Enforcement Directorate officials visited some of the UAE Exchange branches in India to check if they were accepting demonetized 500s and 1000s rupee notes in their branches for Forex or Gold loan or Ticketing or Money transfer. They gave a clean chit to its branches for complying with the government policy to completely stop accepting old notes and for promoting account/digital payments for doing transactions in Forex, Money Exchange, Gold Loan etc.

The Enforcement Directorate officials expressed their satisfaction and were impressed by the compliance standards, systems and procedures adopted by the Company for conducting business.

UAE Exchange, India is also educating ten million loyal registered customers to move towards electronic/digital wallet so as to build a cash less economy.

UAE Exchange India offers XPay Cash Wallet to all public which can be downloaded by all merchants and customers in lieu of physical cash and pay or receive money using mobile. It is simple and easy to operate to make payment anywhere and everywhere. If a merchant or customer does not have XPay Cash Wallet, ask them to downloaded XPay Cash Wallet from www.uaeexchangeindia.com web site or from Google/IOS play store or share from the app itself to others. 

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