Precision Running – The What and How of it

precision running

What it is: Precision running is a unique method of treadmill interval training, designed with a calorie-torching balance of speed, incline and recovery that makes you stronger and faster, formulated by running coach David Siik at a US-based gym, Equinox. The workouts are based off your personal best run (PBR), the fastest you can safely run for 1 minute. For example, in the first run of week one, the routine gives you a series of 60-second intervals in two segments. Each minute interval alternates between running and recovery periods to complete a short 20-minute run. You start at 1.5 mph under your PBR and increase your speed by 0.2 mph and incline by 1 percent for each subsequent interval of 60 seconds. A minute of running is alternated by a minute of recovery (walk or jog) and then again another minute of running at a faster speed of 0.2 mph and 1% higher incline and so on.

The advantages: Instead of mindlessly logging away an hour at the one speed, a precision running session burns nearly double the calories in a mere 45 minutes, thanks to constant intervals and inclines. It offers a mix of high-intensity interval training and steady state distance training. It is a routine that minimises your odds of injury while maxing out your calorie burn.

Check out Jenn Hogg leading a precision running course and gives us the inside scoop on the popular workout.

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