Mobile App Abhaya and Abhaya Scheme In Vizag

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Abhaya, an Android Application for the Safety of Women can be activated by a single click, whenever need arises. A single click on this mobile app identifies the location through GPS and sends a message to the registered contacts and also call on the first registered contact to help the one in compromising circumstances.

A very unique feature of this app is that it sends the message to the registered contacts continuously for every five minutes until the ” stop ” button is clicked. Continuous location tracking information via SMS helps to find the location of the subject quickly and quick rescue is possible.

Andhra Pradesh has taken a major step forward towards realising women safety under the aegis of the Union Government.

Andhra Pradesh is the first state to get support for a women’s safety scheme under the Nirbhaya Fund instituted by the Government of India. This scheme is named ‘Abhaya’. It is targeted at the safety of women on the road. Through this scheme auto rickshaws in cities of Vijaywada and Visakhapatnam will be fitted with devices which are enabled by the Internet of Things. It makes it possible to gather information on the location of the vehicle and gives women the power to send alerts to police directly on their command control system when the need arises.

Internet of Things is chosen by officials because it gets updated more regularly than GPS. Auto drivers will be given the device free of cost by the AP Government and they have to spend a little amont on their SIM cards for the IoT devices.  The scheme is being sponsored through the Nirbhaya Fund. The auto rickshaws have been found to have GIS equipment which is not working and only 400 out of 4,00,00 autos are using them. The devices that will be fitted now shall make  ‘ share my location’ possible.


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