Medical Tourism Next on the Agenda For the Government

Medical Tourism
Medical Tourism Vizag

In order to develop medical facilities in remote/agency areas, the government is all set for a change. There are momentous talks going on about the development of Araku’s medical tourism facilities with a 100-bed hospital at Rampachodavaram and dialysis units at Jangareddygudem and Rampachodavaram.

Minister Ayyannapatrudu postulated that the government rural staff must work sincerely for the public and visit concerned villages on regular basis creating awareness among people. Connectivity is being given importance with the result being, new roads to mandal headquarters from all villages proposed to be built by the R&B department.

Meanwhile, the Health Minister Kamineni Srinivas has reportedly submitted information on the government’s plan in appointing officers at agency areas and providing them with high salaries for proper medical treatment in such remote areas. The salaries are detailed to be at Rs 2 lakh for PG specialists and Rs 1 lakh for MBBS personnel through NRHM programme, he reportedly mentioned.

Also the Women and Children Welfare Minister Paritala Sunitha stated that in the near future, she will visit all the agency areas across state to understand problems of the people living there. She also mentioned her plans to generate more funds for welfare of mothers and children in agency areas. Sisu Gruha at Marripalem was recently visited by Sunitha for inspection on quality of food and safety standards for mother and child.

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