Massive Theft at MVP Colony in Visakhapatnam

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A shocking theft case has come to light from MVP Colony in Visakhapatnam. An elderly lady, who stays alone at her house in the locality, was targeted by the thieves on Thursday.

The details

The victim, identified as Saroji, is a 70-year-old woman who lives alone at her house in MVP Colony Sector 11. The woman, with an intention of renting the top portion of her house, had attached a ‘To Let’ board to the gate in order to invite prospective tenants.
Two men visited the house after seeing the ‘To Let’ board and informed Saroji that they were interested in occupying the portion and would pay the required advance on Thursday. The two men, as said, visited the house at around 11.30 am on Thursday and asked Saroji for the house keys so as to take a look at the house.
Subsequently, they asked the woman to provide some drinking water. The lady who went into the kitchen to fetch water was attacked by these burglars who tied her up with a rope and looted an amount of Rs. 1,00,000 along with an approximate 300 grams of gold.
The helpless woman later approached the police station to report the crime. CI Malla Mahesh has registered a case filing the same and has initiated an investigation to gain further insights. It has also been learned that footages from surrounding CC TVs are being checked.
It is being speculated that the burglars targeted the house after some keen observation and noting the fact that the elderly woman stays all alone at her house.

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