Movie Review: Manamantha

Manamantha Movie Review

The Review

Movie: Manamantha

Language: Telugu

Genre: Drama

Director: Chandrasekhar Yeleti

Cast: Mohanlal, Gauthami, Viswant, Raina Rao, Anisha Ambrose, Nasser, Urvasi

The maker of Aithey and Anukokunda Oka Roju is back, this time with Malayalam superstar Mohanlal.    

What it is about:

Manamantha is the story of four individuals and how their lives collide. Sai Ram (Mohanlal) works in a supermarket and is looking forward to get a promotion. Mahitha (Raina) is a 7th class kid who wants to procure an education for her poor friend at her school. Abhi (Viswant) is a bright student who gets distracted by love and Gayatri (Gauthami) is a middle class woman stuck in a mundane life and wanting more.  

Why you should watch it:

Mohanlal delivered his own dialogues for the film, despite not being fluent in Telugu. While it can be made out that he’s new to the language, it does not effect his acting skills. The performances of the actors make you believe in these flawed characters and vouch for them. One can connect and empathise with the problems they face. The shift from one story to another is seamless and the character development is so good, you want to know more of what happens in these people’s lives. The way the stories all connect is unpredictable so kudos to that.   

What’s Hot:

  • Beautiful cinematography
  • Good story
  • Mohanlal and Gauthami’s performances
  • Interesting climax

What’s Not:

  • Viswant and Anisha’s storyline
  • Slow pace

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