Mallesham movie unit celebrates success in Visakhapatnam

mallesham, visakhapatnam

Actors Priyadarshi, Ananya, and director Raj Rachakonda were all happy faces as they dotted the success celebrations of their film Mallesham, held in association with Kanchi Kamakshi Vastralayam at CMR Central in Visakhapatnam on Sunday. Kanchi Kamakshi Director Mavuri Rajeswari and CMR MD Mavuri Venkata Ramana joined the celebrations and felicitated persons from the weavers’ community.

Mallesham Director Raj Rachakonda

Speaking to media persons at the event in Visakhapatnam, director Raj said, “Many people from rural areas, irrespective of their education, are capable of coming up with brilliant inventions. There are many more Malleshams in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. This film will serve as a motivation for such innovators.”

Actor Priyadarshi

Actor Priyadarshi shared, “While it is a Telugu cinema, it isn’t just confined to Telangana region. The story of Mallesham can certainly inspire the entire nation. His invention made lives easier for many handloom weavers.”

CMR MD Mavuri Venkata Ramana

Mr. Venkata Ramana said, “Mr. Mallesham revived the art at a time when it was going extinct. We know the hardships the weavers go through and have lent them constant support. It is important all of us stand by this community.”

Mallesham charts the life story of Padma Shri recipient Chintakindi Mallesham, who invented the ‘Asu machine’ to process yarn mechanically for saree making. What had initially started as an attempt to make life easier for his mother, ended up helping innumerable weavers across the community. As recognition to his pioneering works, Mr. Mallesham was honoured with India’s fourth highest civilian award in 2017.

The biopic hit the screens of 21 June and has been receiving a thumping response from the audience and critics alike.

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