Lovers points in Vizag, it’s all about romance bro!!

source - financial times

The city of Vizag like many in India has zones that are climatic to blossoming romance. A problem if you look at it one way, a curiosity for onlookers or an amusing sight for many, lovers points in Vizag keep many busy. A diversion and a space constraint, a society with restrictions or something else, there are multiple reasons for this. Who cares because all is fair in love or war right?! Here is wishing students don’t bunk classes for it and romance and love to be flourishing in our city please. Without judgement let us look at the places for rendezvous.

  1. Tenneti Park – A zone for hangouts, munchies, tourists et all but it doesn’t bug those who have their hearts on a sleeve. Sun, sand and sea combine to make this a conducive love zone. We have been there and love bird watched, all of us.
  2. Rk Beach – If the entire city can be there, why not the lovers? Many have witnessed parents catching up with the amorous couple with deadly endings too. Still we have not seen much decline in the area for lovers making a beeline.
  3. Kailasagiri – What is not there for a cupid stricken couple there? There is the swinging rope way with a cozy place through the air and the hills have a magic of their own. Add to this a great number of places to sit and talk for hours. So there you have it, a classic love bird zone.
  4. Thotlakonda – A hangout for students, bikers, long drive pit stoppers as well as humans in the throes of love. Park your car and let the romance on.
  5. Kambalkonda – A forest wide and green and a peaceful serenity for your sweet nothings. A magnet for those who have much to share and care. Tourists smile and locals frown but why care when you have each other.

There are so many more we have encountered but these rule the list. Add to this the zoo or the Yarada beach or the hills or the drive to and at Rushikonda but there will still be more. Be responsible lovers and less judgemental onlookers. We are young only once.

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