Pawan Kalyan interacts with Visakhapatnam Port Area residents

pawan kalyan, janasena, visakhapatnam

Actor turned politician, JanaSena Party President, Pawan Kalyan, has checked on the pollution rate at the Port Area in Visakhapatnam as a part of his Praja Porata Yatra in the city.

Interacting with the residents at Port Area, Pawan Kalyan said that he needed some time to resolve the pollution problem in the area. He inspected the drainage alongside the Ferri road and collected details about why wastage is not being removed from the drainage. The residents in the area have mentioned that no politician is taking proper care about the pollution problem though the people have been agitating for past 25 years.

Due to the pollution around, the residents around the port area complained that they have been facing breathing problems. Even though walls have been constructed to reduce pollution, the pile of coal is exceeding the height of the walls, the locals said. Kalyan has promised them that he will fight for the issue and take it to the front of State and Central Governments.

The JanaSena Party’s President has also visited the Mudasarlova Reservoir in Visakhapatnam to check on the newly installed floating solar power plant. Speaking to the locals around, Kalyan asked about the blockage of tunnels that bring water to the reservoir. The locals mentioned that roads were constructed around the reservoir and lack of water is due to the construction of huge bore wells in the health city.

“Citizen Committees must be established in every area to take proper care of the society. The responsibility of protecting water sources is on everybody”, said Pawan Kalyan.

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