Jagriti Yatra Sustainability Award 2017

jagriti yatra

Jagriti Yatra was conceived in 2008 for building India through it’s enterprises. 10th year into the venture the entrepreneurial rail journey will go across 8000 kms taking with it 600 entrepreneurs. It seeks to build entrepreneurs through the Jagriti network and by giving them market out reach and help in product development and enterprise leadership. Through this journey Coca-Cola has partnered with Jagriti Yatra both as a firm believer and contributor.  Jagriti is extensively focused towards working on the vision of building India through enterprise, and has impacted the lives of than a lakh people till now.

Together Jagriti Yatra and Coca cola are offering a platform to young entrepreneurs across India. The focus is on sustainability because both organizations are focused on fighting the problems in rural India and creating sustainable and thriving communities.

Sustainable Enterprise Award is for those have enterprises in the sectors of agriculture, water and recycling across 25 districts of India. The candidates can register themselves on www.jagritiyatra.org/SEA. they can submit their ideas and the final round will be held in New Delhi. The winning candidates will be awarded 2 lakhs for the first, 1 lakh for second and 50,ooo for the third candidate.Each of the districts will then have an awareness camp organized there with help.

Jagriti Yatra has already helped more than 600 enterprises to work fruitfully and  are looking out for new ideas and ventures in the field of agriculture, water and recycling. The awards are constituted to this end.

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