Businessman And Wife Suffer Brutal Attack In The City


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]4 people entered into Vikram Dhamija’s flat on Monday at 4pm posing as income tax officials.

Vikram Dhamija, Managing Director of Best Cranes (P) Ltd lives in an apartment on  Beach Road. His office is also on the same floor.  The assailants  entered the house with arms and weapons. Two were waiting downstairs. After an argument, four of them attacked Vikram and  stabbed him multiple times.  They also stabbed his wife Jyotee and his driver Janardhan. It was when Jyotee raised an alarm for help that they fled.

With the help of their neighbours, the three were rushed to the hospital. Vikram’s condition is still continuing to be critical  as there was a lot of blood loss. His wife and the driver are out of danger.

Vikram Dhamija’s children are unharmed. His daughter was not in the house at the time of attack and their son was in the next flat.

Business rivalry is being considered as the prime reason.

The CCTV footage that has been obtained has captured the assailants and this evidence is going to help the police nab them.


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