University Hostel students protest against food quality

The students of Andhra university Arts College have yet again raised protest to the kind and quality of food that is being served in the hostels. A far cry from being healthy the food available is unhygienic and infested. The students have complained numerous times to the University authorities but it was to no avail. There is no menu planning and the rice that is being prepared is of extremely poor quality. The quality of cooking is atrocious and many a time the vegetables are remaining under cooked. There is also a continuous instance of worms appearing in the cooked food. It is not only unhealthy but also dangerous.
Drinking water is also a major issue and in the absence of safe drinking water supply, the hostlers are forced to source from public mediums.
The complainants have staged a dharna on the campus on Tuesday asking to meet the Vice-Chancellor and find a swift resolution to the issue. Mr. G Nageswar Rao, the V.C later met the hostlers to address their issues. 
Earlier in the year, a similar complaint was raised by students in the Nagarjuna Hostel and a major ‘rasta roko’ was organized at Siripuram Junction for provision of better food. Looking at the news extract –
(March 6, 2017, TOI) Vice-chancellor of Andhra University Professor G Nageswar Rao made an impromptu visit to Nagarjuna Hostel on Sunday. The vice-chancellor interacted with all students and teachers and expressed his unhappiness over the food being served at the mess.On February 27, students of Nagarjuna Block Hostel, Andhra University, staged a massive ‘rasta roko’ at Siripuram Junction demanding better food at the hostel. The students came out en masse in protest, holding their dinner plates laden with food.The issues of Andhra University hostlers seek assistance for basic amenities in life that they are being denied. It is in deplorable conditions they survive to study they say.

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