Vriddhi: Stage set for the first annual business summit of IIM Visakhapatnam

IIM Visakhapatnam to conduct Vriddhi

The Indian Institute of Management Visakhapatnam (IIM V) is set to conduct Vriddhi-a two-day annual business summit in the city.

IIM V is one of the scions in the acclaimed IIM lineage of business schools. The institution hosts several prominent events including the annual business conclaves – ‘Conflux’ and ‘Exordia.’

Conflux is an annual business conclave, where business leaders from across the industries are invited to engage in a conversation covering a wide range of contemporary business-related topics of emerging markets. Discussing the trends in the biz world, the speakers share their first-hand experience, which serves as an opportunity for the students to have a closer and detailed look at the industry. Exordia is an annual Entrepreneurship summit, which aspires to connect the budding entrepreneurs across the nation and encourages innovative ideas from the student community. It serves as a networking opportunity for the students and harnesses the radical and futuristic thinking in young business minds.

Vriddhi, the first Annual Business Summit of IIM Visakhapatnam, would take over the legacy from
these two prominent events. It continues to serve as an innovative platform that augments the
learnings of the students and bridges the gap between academia and industry. It will also be a medium for students to have an insight into the application of their learnings.

IIM Visakhapatnam strives to host and bring together the industry’s best minds on a single platform
to cater to the new ideas for development and sustainable growth. Encouraging the students to inspire from the business leaders and also learn from the fellow participants, the maiden business conclave of IIM Visakhapatnam consists of leadership talks along with various competitions to deliver an interactive learning experience for the participants.

When: 23,24 November

Venue: Hotel GreenPark

Contact: vriddhi@iimv.ac.in/ Sai Ganesh: 99406 82051/ Kanchan: 79806 1271

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