Human skull shocks tourists at Kailasagiri in Visakhapatnam

suicide vizag

In what came as a shocking sight to tourists at Kailasagiri in Visakhapatnam on Tuesday evening, a human skull was discovered atop the popular tourist destination. With a foul smell causing inconvenience to the tourists, the information was passed on to the police, who came to the site and inspected the skull. After carrying out an investigation, the police eventually found a headless body in the locality.

Reportedly, the remains were found in a highly decomposed state, with some rotten flesh still sticking to the bones. As informed by the Arilova Police Station Circle Inspector Ashok Kumar, the preliminary investigation suggests a case of suicide. The police suspect that a man must have used his lungi to hang himself by a tree about a month ago. With no one identifying the incident, the body is expected to have fallen off in a rotten state from the tree after a while. The police also suspect that stray dogs and wild animals in the area might have feasted upon the corpse’s head and left the skull near the ghat road at Kailasagiri in Visakhapatnam.

Reportedly, doctors from KGH visited the site to conduct a post-mortem of the body. The police are also looking for any missing cases at any of the stations in the city.

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