5 things which GITAM girls in Vizag will relate to

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One of the more popular colleges in Vizag, GITAM is known for its colourful campus diaries. Here are 5 things to which every girl from GITAM would relate.

#1 Dress code

There’s gender discrimination, caste discrimination, race discrimination but have you heard of “course discrimination”? The engineering girls don’t quite get the chance to “experiment” with their dressing style while the case is an easier one for girls from other disciplines. The length of the kurthi slit, the “sanctity” of the dupatta and the type of sleeves, several factors need to be taken into consideration if you are not to lose your ID.

#2 Gossip Resource Centres (GRC)

Washrooms serve as gossip resource centres for GITAM girls. Spending a few minutes there will give complete information on new fashion trends, politics (no, we aren’t talking about the elections), life stories and just about anything.

#3 Festive gala

Fests = Sarees. From selecting a saree to clicking pictures at the KRC and Gandhi park, one should know that there are months of preparation behind the gala celebrations. Social media profile pictures are sorted for a month.

#4 Special attention from the lab assistants

Though the girls are very much self-sufficient, there’s always some special attention and extra help offered in at least one of the labs. From getting a helping hand in an experiment to getting the records signed faster, the girls turn up lucky on their day.

#5 Window shopping at Baba Bazaar

Baba Bazaar has it all. Jewelry, clothes, footwear, bags, soft toys, food and much more. It makes the perfect hangout spot for girls. Free time? Boring lecture? In the mood for a bunk? your friendly neighbourhood Baba Bazaar comes to the rescue.

Disclaimer: The article doesn’t intend to offend anyone. The views expressed here are solely of the author and not Yo! Vizag

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