“Maha Laddu” for Vizag’s “Maha Ganapati”

ganesh visarjan, vizag
Ganesh Chaturthi

The bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana has led to a series of achieving “one up man” ships between the two across various fields – IT, Industries, Investments. Tourism, etc. But now, a new “order” has now come into play. This is the “Maha Laddu”, that was always offered every year to the largest Ganesh idol in Hyderabad during Ganesh Chaturthi, now being offered to the Gajuwaka Ganesh in Visakhapatnam this year.


Sri Bhakthanjaneya’s Suruchi Foods, the sweets and savories maker from Tapeswaram in East Godavari district, has always been popular for their home-made Tapeswaram Kaja. They had also attracted attention by offering a “Maha Laddu” to the tallest Khairatabad Ganesh idol from the year 2010.


The first “Maha Laddu” was given free of cost in 2010 when the size was 600 kg; in 2011 it became 2,400 kg; in third year 3,500 kg; fourth year 4,200 kg; fifth year 5,200 kg; and sixth year (2015) they offered a 6,000 kg laddu. This year Suruchi Foods wanted to offer a 10,000kg laddu, as always being free of cost, in order to gain a Guinness World Record. However, the Telangana Government did not accept the proposal of this size for this year. .


Mr. Polisetti Mallibabu, proprietor of Suruchi Foods, said that he was being pressured by organizers of the Khairatabad Ganesh Pandal on the size of the laddu and they did not allow him to make bigger size as they found distribution of the laddu a big problem. “So, I decided to take the Vizag route and give them (Khairatabad) only a 500 kg laddu,” said Mr. Mallibabu. The laddu of 500 kg will be transported to Hyderabad and on September 5 handed over to the Khairatabad pandal organisers in the presence of Governor Narasimhan and several Ministers.


In Vizag, they want to break the record with 12,500 kg laddu. Mr. Mallibabu said this laddu would cost Rs.30 lakh and was ready to bear the amount with the support of his friends in this area and offer it to Gajuwaka Ganesh free of cost. The ingredients of the laddu include 400 kg of cashew nuts, badam (200 kg), yellow camphor (20 kg), cardamom (38 kg), Bengal gram (3,350 kg), ghee (2,400 kg) and 4,950 kg of sugar.


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