Hilarious News Today!

Hilarious News Today India

Waking up on a summer morning is always a delight! Sipping through my morning cup of green tea and glancing through the headlines – my morning task! Somewhere between Donald Trump’s exit from the Paris Climate agreement and Modi’s meeting with Emmanuel Macron, the newly elected French President, there it was in big bold letters – Lalu’s son turns to tantra, vastu as controversies swirl around family. This became my inspiration to hunt down for all the funny and inappropriate news released in today’s edition! Have a look –

Lalu’s son turns to tantra, vastu as controversies swirl around family

Turns out that all is not well with the infamous Yadav family from Bihar. RJD chief Lalu Prasad’s family members, at the centre of several controversies following allegations of benami deals, are taking recourse to ‘tantra’ and ‘vastu’ to end jinxes and ward off ‘evil eye’. I’m sorry, what?

Japanese men are taking ‘groper insurance’ against sex pest claims

The Small Amount and Short Term Insurance Company have devised a plan wherein policy holders can avail benefit of a ‘false groping accusation’ for just $57 in Japan. It was initially set up as a fringe benefit under which fees for any legal consultation, including domestic or traffic accidents, were covered. But the firm’s helpline service which alerts lawyers practicing in the vicinity of the alleged groping incident has proved to be a hit! Looks like Japanese women are being over-smart, eh?

Saket judge tells staff to be on time

Here is what happened. A woman stenographer walked out to catch her cab when the special court at Tis Hazari was recording evidence through live video-conferencing. District Judge Girish Kathpalia issued certain instructions on account of shortage of court staff and ordered its strict compliance. It prompted the judge to refer this incident to the district and sessions judge for action against the stenographer. If only they were this serious while declaring sentences to criminals involved in rapes and acid attacks!

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