Four beautiful masjids that one must not miss in Vizag

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Ukkunagaram Masjid

Vizag, being quite multicultural, has a number of masjids. Apart from the spiritual significance, these places also have a certain calmness within them. Amongst the many, throughout the city of Vizag, here are four of the most beautiful masjids.

#1 Ukkunagram Masjid

The Ukkunagram Masjid is located in Sector 6 of Vizag Steel Plant. Extending half an acre, this masjid is located in an area of the city where greenery and serenity go hand in hand. The solitary structure stands on an elevated platform with two minarets. It was built in 1988 with contributions from the Steel Plant employees. The masjid comprises of a large marble prayer hall that can accommodate close to 200 worshippers. The call for namaz echoes to the nearby residents early in the morning, at noon, mid-afternoon and at sunset thereby creating an atmosphere of calm.

#2 Mohammedi Masjid

Nestled in the quiet neighbourhood of Yendada, behind GITAM University, this majestic structure is worthy of awe and wonder. Its architecture is a blend of Islamic designs as well as modern styles. The Mohammedi Masjid is owned by the Dawoodi Bohra community comprising of around 500 members. The masjid comprises of a huge hall that can easily accommodate the entire Bohra community of Vizag. In addition to the second floor, allotted especially for the women, the masjid also houses a state of the art madrasa where the children are taught Islamic values. The basement holds a large dining room and a kitchen that also caters to the central food distribution scheme. Wherein, every house in the community receives lunch prepared at the masjid in tiffin boxes. Inaugurated at the hands of the 52nd Dai (Spiritual leader of the Dawoodi Bohra community) in the year 2007, the foundation stone of a colony, surrounding the Masjid was also laid. The masjid is lined with numerous almond trees. Presently, there is a bustling settlement of the Dawoodi Bohras around the Mohammedi Masjid and the colony is famously known as ‘Mubarak Colony’.

#3 Macca Masjid

The oldest masjid in Vizag, it is located in the hectic Jagadamba junction. With tall minars for announcing the call for namaz, this masjid is a source of peace and meditation amidst the chaos of the shopping bazaars that surround it. The sounds of the children reciting the Quran will surely transport one to a world of inner peace and higher awakening. Also, the Mecca Masjid is a hotspot, for the haleem stall, during the month of Ramadan.

#4 Masjid-E-Noorani

The impressive Masjid-E-Noorani is located on the highway near the Visakha Valley School. The quintessential arches and minars that are associated with Islamic architecture, mark the premises. However, this very famous masjid in Vizag also brings in a touch of modernity with a huge glass facade. The masjid has a dining area and kitchen adjacent to the main prayer hall. The large masjid compound also holds volleyball and tennis courts in addition to numerous coconut trees in its backyard. The amount of greenery, that surrounds Masjid-E-Noorani, certainly adds to the serenity.

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