A foreigner who fell in love with Vizag on his first visit to the city

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We all know what a lovely city Visakhapatnam is. Be it for its pristine beaches or the lush green hills, the city has a distinctive specialty to it. Apart from striking a chord with the tourists from the other parts of India, Visakhapatnam has also captivated visitors from foreign countries. Many tourists from other countries keep visiting the city regularly and seem to relish the picturesque locations and the placid atmosphere here. We recently happened to interact with a foreign tourist who says he fell in love with Visakhapatnam on his very first visit. Here’s what he had to say.

A foreign tourist who fell in love with Visakhapatnam

“This is my first visit to Visakhapatnam. I have been to Hyderabad a couple of times before but got lucky this time around to be in this beautiful city. Back home, I lead a pretty hectic life in a bustling atmosphere and spending a couple of days here is certainly proving to be a refreshing experience for me.

So far, I have been to the R.K Beach, Tenneti Park, Kailasagiri, and a couple of famous restaurants in the city. To be honest, I fell in love with these places at the very first sight. The locations are so beautiful. From a pleasant weather to some breathtaking sights, the entire experience has been a rejuvenating one. The local cuisine, especially the sea-food delicacies, has also bowled me over.

I would also like to congratulate the government officials for maintaining the city in a spotless order. Hope this city reaches greater heights and I keep returning here as often as possible.”

-Mark (name changed), Russia

As we thank Mark for his wonderful comments on our beloved city, we boast a sense of pride too. Visakhapatnam is certainly reaching newer heights in attracting the tourists from all across the globe and we hope it emerges as one of India’s premier tourist destinations.

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