5 things to which every Andhra University students would relate to

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andhra university

Andhra University in Visakhapatnam that has stood the test of time. While the students here are imparted education of high standards, typical to any college, they too have some stereotypes associated with this place. So here are 5 common things to which every AU student would relate to.

#1 Hostel Life

A true AU student knows how staying in a hostel can change his/her life (for the better). Though staying at hostels may seem intimidating at first, it becomes a second home for most people and of course, gives them all the more reason to have more fun.

#2 Syllabus Completion

AU students very well know the pace at which the lessons are completed before the exams. Students here get accustomed to this rapid flow of lessons being taught before exams and develop the ability to quickly grasp what’s being taught. 

#3 Mysore Bonda

One of the little things that make Andhra University “Andhra University” is undoubtedly these delicious ‘Mysore Bondas’. This scrumptious dish can make a bad day better, and a  good day best. Smothered in rich coconut chutney, this dish surely earns a place in all the hearts of AU students.

#4 Power Cuts

The timing of these power cuts is simply amazing as they usually occur during the most interesting classes or just before compiling your program! Computer Science students know exactly what I’m talking about. 


Nothing much to say bro. When people ask which university are you studying at?? This is how we secretely feel inside.

So dear AU students out there! What do you think that makes this college in Visakhapatnam special? Comment below and let us know.

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