Fancy number plates get sold out for record prices at the auction in Visakhapatnam

fancy number plates visakhapatnam
fancy number plates

An auction for the fancy number plates was held at the Road Transport Office in Visakhapatnam on Wednesday. A large number of vehicle owners took part in this auction to get their favourite numbers on their vehicle’s number plate. The major highlight of the auction was the number ‘9999’ which saw a fierce battle pan out for it. The authorities had started the bid for this number at Rs 50,000 and the bidders never stopped going for it. After a lot of competition, P. Radhakrishna was the one who ended up owning the number for a whopping Rs 4.60 lakhs. The fact that he spent an additional Rs 4.10 lakhs on the number is making the news. Additionally, he even registered another fancy number, ‘6336’, for a price of Rs 31,000.

Details of other fancy numbers

Another number, ‘3456’, which started off at Rs 20,000, ended up fetching Rs 1.51 lakhs. C.H.S Brahamraba was the person who won the bid for this number. The number ‘4599’, which started off at Rs 10,000, was sold for an additional Rs 1.26 lakhs to Nekkanti Sea Foods Ltd. Other numbers like ‘4455’, ‘8888’, and ‘8118’ went for the prices of Rs 95,000, Rs 66,000, and Rs 25,000 respectively.

Reportedly, many other fancy numbered plates are in the queue to be auctioned by the officials in Visakhapatnam. In fact, with the number of purchases of the two-wheelers going up, the officials might even auction number plates of Rs 2,000 and Rs 5,000 so as to increase the revenue.

News Credits: Eenadu

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