4 famous Indian snacks and where to have them in Vizag

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Alright, foodies. It’s weekend time and how about celebrating it with some legendary Indian street food? Here are 4 famous Indian snacks and where you need to head to in Vizag to relish them.


When it comes to satisfying an Indian foodie, few things can compete with the good old samosas. Be it for celebrating a birthday party or treating your guests with some tasty snacks, samosas inevitably occupy the top spot on any list. With crisp layers that are stuffed with flavourful potato stuffings, samosas come as the all-season foods in Vizag as well.

Where to head to? Gautam Bhavan, Dahi Samosa at Ushodaya

Pani Puri

Heavenly puris filled with tasty stuffing and flavourful water; a.k.a pani puri, has been our favourite snack since times immemorial. With age being no barrier, this snack is enjoyed by everyone and continues reign supreme as a popular choice for hunger pangs.

Where to head to? Sainath hot chaat stall, Rambabu Pani Puri stall


Can anyone resist the sight of deliciously orange and crispy jalebis taken out of a wok, oozing with heavenly sugar syrup? If no, then pat yourself on the back for being an honest foodie. A legendary sweet among the Indian delicacies, Jalebis have never failed in stealing our hearts, have they?

Where to head to? Laddu Gopal, Sweet India, Gautam Bhavan


Feeling a bit low? Then how about a plate of steaming hot momos, accompanied by a tangy chutney, to cheer you up? These yummy dumplings come with different stuffings to leave you drooling for more.

Where to head to? YMCA, RK Beach

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