7 Ways we have enjoyed Vizag responsibly without knowing it.


The people of Vizag are a happy lot and are totally enjoying life here. Both the home townees and now-it-is-our-home townees enjoy living here, working here, studying here etc. Beside these, they are ways Vizagites know how to love their city responsibly. This is how –

  1. Our city. Our home: Vizag is cosmopolitan and not just Telugus but people of different other communities live here. It gets richer with a varied diaspora. Vizagites live as one big happy family and friction between communities is far and few.
  2. Preserve, not pollute: Any responsible Vizagite always tries to keep the places where he enjoys intact and beautiful. Beach road or Rushikonda for example. While exceptions exist Vizagites keep their city clean while enjoying it.
  3. Buy, eat and support local:  Your food and shopping appetites are governed by your fancies and always should be. People here always spare a thought for local cloth merchants and weavers. The fish to cooked  comes from the smiling local fisher woman instead of the supermarket. There is pride in wearing, eating and supporting everything Vizag.
  4. Volunteering in spare time:  Vizag has many NGOs which are active in all domains. There are orphanages, women’s shelter, schools for the blind and old age homes in town. Why not pay a visit? See for yourself. There is a lot of cooperation that comes from the populace, not just the workers.
  5. Constructive criticism: Speaking of local government or municipal bodies as being responsible, irresponsible etc is common. Take it so far as to make it work. Vizagites are aware and forward in seeking or if need be getting their rights.
  6. Me to you, Vizagite to a Tourist: Vizag is a popular tourist spot  and we are all proud of that. Observe Beach Road and you see undisturbed tourists, enjoying just a like the locals here. No racket. No disturbances.
  7. Me to you, Tourist to a Vizagite: Tourists flock here aplenty and leave Vizag happy. They enjoy the food and tell others and take back memories of the blue blue sea. Tourists, in the few days they spend here come to have a homely feel and interact with us freely.

They say good impressions always last. We are in happy thoughts fellow Vizagites and it is not a mean feat.

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