Stampede at Mumbai’s Elphinstone Road local train station kills 22 people, India shocked

source - hindustan times

Twenty-two were killed and over 30 seriously injured in a stampede at Mumbai this morning. this unfortunate incident has occurred at the bridge between Parel and Elphinstone Road stations. The narrowness of the bridge and the heavy rain have combined to make this a compounded tragedy. The videos circulating on news channels and social media show how inescapable a stampede becomes. Screams and cries of people trying to save themselves has grieved entire India. It will leave one shocked as well as horrified.

Mumbai local train stations have a notorious reputation of mass traffic and tragic limitations of space. The commercial and glamour capital of India has many a time been the casualty of rains. the stampede brings to light the difficulties of a common man in Mumbai.

Witness reports say that four trains were coming in at the time and the rains led to some passengers slipping. This is where it has started. The more than usual number of people stuck on the bridge trying to escape the rain compounded the tragedy. Video grabs show people dead and in stages of unconsciousness. People have been helping but 22 lives are already lost. Reports of a short circuit are being investigated. A loud sound that emanated from it had added to the chaos leading to the stampede.

The two stations are commuters hubs and not just them but other busy stations become harbingers of human tragedy time and again.

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