E-toilets Being Constructed at the Vizag International Airport

e toilet airport vizag

We previously wrote how the lack of toilets at the Visakhapatnam International Airport was creating a lot of inconvenience for visitors. These visitors aren’t allowed to use the toilets inside the airport and the lack of e-toilets outside was creating discomfort.

Changing the scenario, two e-toilets will now be constructed outside the terminal building. Costing Rs 12 lakh for two toilets, two sites were inspected by a team from Eram Scientific Solutions Pvt Ltd. The two sites will be where the e-toilets will be constructed.

The visitors to the airport needn’t walk down to a washroom 400 meters away from the building, in the parking area. The toilets will be constructed right near the terminal building for the convenience of the visitors there to receive or send off passengers.

Another facility for providing seating for the visitors has been completed too. The e-toilets themselves will be functional from the next month. When the issue was previously taken up by the media to the notice of Airport Director Vinod Sharma, he admitted on the lack of toilets causing an inconvenience and promised that two e-toilets will be set up soon. Looks like he made good on his word!

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