Drunk and drive cases at an alarming rise in Vizag

drunk and drive, vizag
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The Vizag police have been witnessing an alarming rise in drunk and drive cases and especially in the year of 2018.

As per the reports, a record number of 920 people, considered to be the highest ever in the history of city police, have been imprisoned due to drunk and drive in the period of January to August in 2018. In the same period, as many as 25,223 cases have been registered for inebriated driving.

ADCP of Traffic M. Ramesh Kumar has been quoted while saying, “Drunken driving is increasingly alarmingly in the city. Around 29,992 motorists were booked for tipsy driving in 2017 and 25,223 were booked till August 31 in this year. It might increase by another 10,000 by end of this year. Last year, 496 motorists were sent to jail and paid a whopping penalty of Rs 2.5 crores. This year so far 921 have been sent to jail and they have coughed up Rs 2 crores”.

“Some motorists continue to drive vehicles under the influence of spirit even after they have undergone a jail term for the traffic violation, presuming that they will not be caught again. But, we surprise them every time,’’ an official mentioned.

Accident rate compared to last year

  • While 1,137 accidents were witnessed last year in Vizag, 1107 have already been witnessed in the first half of 2018.
  • A total number of 347 deaths took place last year and 303 this year until June.
  • 1299 have been injured due to accidents in 2017 and 2018 first half witnessed 1134.
  • In 2017 June month, 172 road accidents took place while 198 have been witnessed in June 2018.
  • 49 deaths have been registered in the previous June while the number rose to 59 this June.
  • A total number of 3,946 licenses have been cancelled temporarily in one and a half year.

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