Dhivjit Represents India At The Asia Pacific Children’s Convention

Dhivjit Koppuravuri, aged 12 from Vizag, is one amongst the six children selected to represent India at the Asia Pacific Children’s Convention. Selected through the Junior Chamber International, the Timpany school student will be at the Convention to be held at Fukuoka in Japan from July 10 – 23.

“We will be giving a dance performance portraying our national culture before 5,000 delegates and our Indian group is scheduled to perform on July 18, at the Fukuoka City Hall. In the second week, we will be staying with a host family to exchange our cultures and for me the host family is Shintaro Torii,” an excited Dhivjit told The Hindu.

The Asia Pacific Children’s Convention is a cultural exchange programme funded by the Japanese government. Through the cultural exchange between Japan and other Asian countries, they hope to foster healthy international communication by aiding in the creation of ‘Global Citizens’. A total of 40 countries and regions in Asia and Pacific regions are participating in the convention.

Here’s hoping Dhivjit has a fun time in Japan!    

Image Credits : www.thehindu.com

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