9 Ways Your Coffee Helps You Be a Better Person

  • Coffee reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  • Coffee improves your memory and cognition.
  • Coffee reduces your risk of diabetes, provided that you have minimal sugar intake.
  • A cup of Joe in the morning can lighten your mood and help you fight depression.

Now let’s get real, Shall we?

It helps you through your regrets that you have from last night ( a.k.a Hangover ) *wink*

Why's there so much sunlight?
Why’s there so much sunlight?

Not able to poop? Coffee.


You have a massive crush and she finally agrees to go on a date with you and then you realise you’re broke AF. Who’s here to the rescue? A coffee date!

You don't like coffee? Are you even human?
You don’t like coffee? Are you even human?

And how can we forget those nights when we stayed up to “study” and did everything else but “study”. Who was our best friend? Obviously, Coffee!


And lastly, not to forget it has been there with you when you had to somehow pass your day at your work. *Hides Face*


So let’s get some coffee now, what say?

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