The dangers at Vizag beach in the citizens’ words

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The warning signs across the 28 km of the Vizag beach coast are many. ‘Beware of Danger’, ‘Beware of rip currents’, and so on, glaring at us in warning. The Government is taking measures to avoid precious lives lost. Be it tourists, locals, young or the older, many people often risk their lives on the Vizag beach. The news of incidents reporting a loss of life at the beach are scarily frequent, and despite the knowledge that the beach is dangerous, one can still see many people on the sands deep in the water, beyond limits of safety.

Like all elements of nature, the waters are a treacherous force. Abundantly exposed, Vizag has not witnessed a stop to the tragedy. Exuberance of youth, excitement and energy, inspirations from movie stunts, selfie mania along with the attitude that ‘this is not going to happen to me’ are some of the many factors that make people throw caution to the wind.  It’s time to ring in change. So does the onus for this lie with the government and should they enhance security and safety levels in the region? Or does it lie with us as citizens to make our city safer? Vizagites opine.

Many youngsters have been prey to the deadly sea Gods over the years. Despite the efforts being put in by the GVMC and other authorities, it is often the negligence shown by the people that prove to be a costly affair. The realisation has to come from the people’s end so as to curb such unfortunate activities.

Srinivas Somayajula


Vizag has always attracted large number of crowds with its famous beaches. Unfortunately, many tragic incidents on the shores have left deep scars on many minds. The people going in to swim into the waters must always be alert. Students, especially, must be the ones who must take utmost care during their playful water activities. They should put on life jackets as a precautionary measure while going deeper into the sea.

Abhilash Karra

Being a witness of some unfortunate accidents in the beach waters, I strongly feel that particular steps must be adapted to mitigate the mishaps. Many of the youngsters in the city enter into the beach with a reckless attitude. It is important to educate them with the real-life accidents that took place at the sea. Also, installation of high-tech cameras that can record long distance views even in the dark might help.

RVN Sirisha

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