7-year-old boy gets locked inside a car, suffocates to death in Visakhapatnam

locked inside car, visakhapatnam
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A 7-year-old boy suffocated to death after being accidentally locked inside a car at Navy quarters in Visakhapatnam on Monday. The deceased was identified as B Prem Kumar, a student of the first grade.

Prem’s father, B Vinod, works as a domestic help at a naval officer’s house in the area. As per the police, when Vinod was cleaning the naval officer’s car on Monday afternoon, his son, Prem went into the car to play with some toys present inside. Eventually, Vinod, who did not notice his son climb into the car, left the spot after he finished the cleaning process. Things turned ugly when the car got locked subsequently and Prem got trapped inside it, where he suffered suffocation.

Later, when Vinod returned home for lunch, he noticed Prem to be missing. After searching for their son for quite some time, the worried parents found him lying dead inside the locked car. Since the doors got locked and the windows shut, the police speculate that the boy’s cry for help might have gone unheard.

A senior police official in Visakhapatnam informed the media persons that since the incident took place at Navy quarters, they have sought permission from the Navy officials to investigate the case.

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