Japanese Bodhi Delegates Speak Out Against Film Nagar At Thotlakonda


President of Japan-India Bodhi Society Shinsho Furukawa and Dr. Hiroshi Morishita were here in the city to give a lecture about ‘Morality as a human virtue: Experience from Japan’ at the Department of Anthropology in Andhra University.

While here, they talked about the state government’s decision to allocate 15 acres near Thotlakonda Buddhist site for the Film Nagar Cultural Centre. Shinsho Furukawa and Hiroshi Morishita opposed the move as they feel protection of the ancient historical site is more important.

Furukawa said that these historical and archaeological sites should be preserved for posterity ad they speak about the Buddhist cultures and traditions practiced thousands of years ago. These sites will not only educate the current generation, but even the generations that are to come. By the destruction of important sites, we destroy important evidences of our past, he said.

Dr. Morishita pointed out that Japan is a small island nation with a shortage of space. While Buddhism made its presence known around 538 AD, the Japanese still ensure they preserve the archaeologically important sites. He believes all historical sites should be preserved, irrespective of religion and culture.

Professor Satyapal of the Department of Anthropology, AU, said that the authorities are remaining mum about whether the Film Nagar project falls within the 400 meters declared by the government as a buffer zone. Conservation activists, Buddhist monks and INTACH members had previously protested against the exploitation of the heritage site for commercial purposes.  

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