Bloomberg talks to Chandrababu Naidu about India’s Tax Reform

bloomberg interviews cm

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu opened up about India’s current economic situation and other factors which promoted the growth of the country. Starting from demonetisation and its effects on the Indian market, he spoke about going cashless and the economic changes that have been witnessed by the Indian markets. He told that a report on the same has been submitted to the government of India and a study is being done on best ways available to go cashless.

He told Bloomberg that the Indian youth prevail in Information Technology and that the state of Andhra Pradesh dominates in the IT sector in the country. He said that the Indian youth and the physical Infrastructure are the biggest advantages for the county and that proper incentives must be given in order for everybody to come on line.

He further discussed about the ‘one tax, one nation’ for GST in India and confessed that it is one of the biggest economic reform in the country. He further informed Bloomberg that following this rule would help in easing the procedures, improving tax collection nationwide and would also help in eradicating corruption to the maximum extent.

Chandrababu Naidu also informed Bloomberg that the final reports have been forwarded to the government of India and that these rules will be implied from July 1. See the full video below.

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