BJP MPs promise to take up concerns of Vizag with Centre

BJP MPs TG Venkatesh and Y Sujana Chowdary promised to discuss the concerns of Vizag with the Union Ministers in the Centre. The Rajya Sabha members participated in a meeting held by the Vizag Development Council and AP Chambers of Commerce in the city on Tuesday.

The meeting witnessed interactions between members of the CII, Vizag Chambers of Commerce, Air Travellers Association, Tour-and-Travellers Association, Members of Sea-food exporters association, Textile Merchants, and members from the hospitality industry. The session was presided by National Executive Member of the BJP, Dr. K Hari Babu.

As part of the meeting, various issues regarding the development of Vizag and Andhra Pradesh were brought to the notice of  K.Haribabu, YS Chowdary, and TG Venkatesh. Responding to the concerns expressed, the BJP MPs promised to take a delegation of representatives from Vizag to the concerned Union Ministers for developing the Ease of Doing Business (EODB) and expediting approvals for pending projects. TG Venkatesh was also requested to hold the parliamentary standing committee meeting on tourism in Vizag.

Issues related to IT, the establishment of educational institutions, finance, railways, airlines, tourism, industries, and health were discussed at the meeting held on Tuesday. Further to the discussions, K Hari Babu assured to lead the delegation from the city and coordinate with the concerned persons in New Delhi in this regard.

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